About: Bradley

Fluent in creative gibberish, fluent in opposition management, fluent in collaborative execution, fluent in having more.


Direction is important to Bradley and he’s a bit lost without some type of general plan or framework. Whether it’s work or a 14 hour road trip to the warm sands of Southern California. Whatever it is, he finds value in clear communication about needs, expectations, and outcomes.

Bradley currently is in the final stretches of completing his B.S. in Communications, Advertising Emphasis. He has sought a variety of experiences to supplement his coursework and prepare himself professionally. He first developed an appetite for client services while working with several clients as an account executive at his universities student ran ad agency. This appetite matured when he spent two summers as an account management intern for a national private transportation company. Starting in January he will begin an account management internship with a digital marketing company located Salt Lake City, Utah.

After this winter, Bradley plans to return to school, taking the spring and fall to finish his degree. Soon after, he hopes to begin working for a creative agency in Salt Lake City, New York, Denver or Southern California.

A through and through “yellow” personality, Bradley is most fulfilled in his personal life and work when he know’s he’s having fun. Pottery, classic rollerskating, cooking, and long car rides in the mountains are some of the diversions from work. He occasionally writes on here, mainly about the clothes he wears, but sometimes about pottery, food, and advertising.


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