Week 1

Week one: Running into problems with my plans and outfit.

Often I get so set on a particular plan that when said plan changes, it can cause a decent amount of anxiety or uncertainty. A perfect example is what happened at the beginning of this journey:

I’m taking a full load of classes and have always worked part time on campus to help give myself decent work experience before I graduate. I came to school this semester without a job locked down and that was fine with me, I didn’t want to have a job that required a dress code contrary to my outfit.

I ended up getting a job working with the Events and Marketing team responsible for the BYU-Idaho Career Fair. The job requires me to wear a button down shirt, slacks, and tie.

Talk about a major setback. After months of research, planning, bargain hunting, and finally buying all of my clothes for the next year I was facing a problem. I could either not take the job, take the job and not wear my wardrobe, or take the job and buy a secondary wardrobe.

After weighing my options and doing a little research I found that H&M was having a sale on a certain blue oxford button down that I had purchased a few months ago. I went ahead and decided to have a “split” capsule wardrobe where I would have a dedicated work uniform consisting of the blue button down oxford shirt, neutral slacks, and dress shoes; and my “casual” uniform, consisting of my Japanese selvedge denim, nike runners, and a H&M black long fit T.

It was hard deciding because at first I felt like a change would deviate from my original plan and objective. However, thinking on it more and more I realized that it wasn’t a big deal and that this was a good opportunity for a mini life lesson.

Taking into account that we often have a lot of control on the many variables in our lives, we can decide what we eat, if we work out, who we want to spend personal time with, and even what we eat. Though at times, we are faced with situations where we can do nothing to change the circumstances (or we can, but doing so would conflict with a larger, far reaching goal or desire), and in those times we have to accept change and do our best to fix our perspectives.

Im a firm believer that when we are not allowing ourselves to be constantly challenged in new and unexpected ways we reduce our ability to grow.


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