Week 2

Blogging suuuuucks.

No it doesn’t, but I definitelyI thought I would naturally jump into blogging and develop a hot and heavy love interest, no questions asked. 

Instead I have needled and pined around with different ideas to write about but continued to push back, and push back the actual act of finger tips to keys. But as I’ve come to the realization that this is something I want to do, and something that I feel strongly about, I’ve decided to give this a more focused attention and priority in my life.

As the semester has progressed and my routine has become more and more established there have been a few instances where people have noticed my outfit. The most comments I’ve gotten have been on my work place attire: Blue oxford button down from H&M (always untucked), dress slacks, tie, and dress shoes. The typical comment is, “Wow Bradley you always look so dressed up, how come?” typically I tell people its for my job, which is true. I generally will omit the fact that every day they see me i’m wearing the same thing.

I do this mainly because I don’t want to draw attention to myself in regards to my blog. I don’t feel that I’m in a position where I want to run through my capsule wardrobe every time someone makes a comment to me regarding my clothes. There have been a few cases where I share with close friends why I always wear the same thing. Generally the response is positive, mixed with a few questioning looks or comments which aren’t a big deal.

Right now a small joke between my roommates and I is asking me in a sarcastic tone, “Wow Bradley, wouldn’t have guess you’d wear a black shirt today!” Because around the apartment that’s what I’m generally wearing.

At this point in the semester however, having worn the same clothes to casual activities and to work, I’m surprised that more people haven’t noticed i’m always wearing the same thing. Not that this is a let down, but mentally during the summer and since day one i’ve been preparing myself to give some rehearsed answer to people who notice and call me out on wearing the same thing.

Prior to September (when I started the wardrobe), to me a time capsule wardrobe was something revolutionary to my life. I saw it as a way to save 13 minutes in the morning (its the little things in life), brand myself, and begin a passion project. Now since i’ve started, all of these things have only solidified. Yes I struggle with writing, and I struggle with maintaining a consistent voice/brand but I love that I’m learning and challenging myself for the sake of being challenged.

What ways have you challenged yourself lately? What was the outcome? Are you still doing so?

Tell me your experience with starting something new like this!

Side note: I realized that a blog without some solid pictures isn’t that appealing. Even more so, a somewhat fashion/minimalist/time management blog without quality images doesn’t serve a huge purpose. I’ll be posting some photos in my following posts this week and next that show my clothes and myself. I think a few images of what my clothes look like all in a pile (obviously neatly folded) as well as a few body shots to show the fit of my selvedge denim and work attire. If you have any thoughts on the best ways I could incorporate images into my blog I would be more than happy to hear from you!

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