Week 3

Finding a Proper Fit.

This past summer I had the opportunity to intern with a company that has a great internship program and treats their interns like GOLD!

Not only was I NOT the designated copy machine specialist, but I was able to take stewardship over projects that played critical roles in the overall efficiency of the companies work flow and strategy. This was great for professional experience and development but from the young-college-kid perspective there were even cooler perks:

  1. I got to travel. I started out in Houston where I worked for about 3 weeks before being relocated to The Bay Area. Last summer I was in Houston, Denver, and San Diego. All travel expenses were included


  1. My housing was covered. I was able to stay in a Marriott all summer at no cost to myself. DISCLAIMER: living in a hotel long term is not as fun as it sounds. Its great for about a month then gets very monotonous.
  2. My transportation was provided. I was given a rental car whenever I was relocated and all my gas was covered by a company card. I could even take the car on fun weekend adventures.
  1. My meals were covered. I was able to have all my meals covered, typically this meant I would have breakfast at the hotel, go to lunch with my co-workers, then go out to dinner by myself or eat again with co-workers. By far one of the best perks considering i’m on a tight budget when i’m up at school.


I loved being able to eat out but in reality it was not the best thing for me. I was raised with the understanding that you eat all the food on your plate, and so eating out at restaurants so frequently this summer really started to take its toll on my body.

My point in explaining all of this and how it relates to Capsule 365 is this: when deciding to wear the same clothes every day i didn’t take into consideration all the weight I had gained during my summer internship. *Gasp*

Not to say that i’ve put on an insane amount of weight, most people can’t even tell, but I could definitely tell a tighter feel to my pants and some of my shirts by the end of the summer. If I were to not care about my health whatsoever then my wardrobe wouldn’t work out very well in the long run.

Luckily I’ve always been a fairly active person, I wouldn’t label myself as the type to spend two+ hours in the gym, but I like being able to climb a flight of stairs without losing my breath. During the summer however I fell out of the routine of working out and exercising, not to blame it on the work but gaining the experience at my internship was a bit more important to me at the time.

Now that i’m back in school, having to pay for all my food, and with more time to fit in working out, i’ve noticed a slow but sure decrease in my body weight. Being able to wear the same clothes every day has actually helped me to measure how my clothes are fitting. I have a scale as well but see how my clothes feel different as i’ve become more and more trim has helped me to feel better about my body and be more confident in what i’m wearing.

Regardless to say, if I intern again with the same company i’ll take advantage of all the good food once again, but i think i’ll do my best to make more healthy choices so I don’t have to worry about changing my wardrobe up at all!

Disclaimer #2 I’m not wearing my wardrobe in these shots! I started once I came up to school in September!


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