End of Semester

As you can see, I missed my goal of writing once a week for the duration of the semester. My excuse? Homework, rollerskating, diversions with my roommates and more homework. But disregarding all that,  I can say it feels good knowing I’ve kept to my original plan, to wear the same outfit everyday(for anyone coming late to the party its not the same shirt and pants, just multiple sets of the same see: About The Blog).

I also was finally able to convince a friend, Elisse, to take my picture as I looked for spiders and other creatures in the school green house. I’m super happy with how they turned out 🤘🏼.

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To be honest…. I’m quite pleased and look forward to persisting with the capsule wardrobe. I’ve taken an internship in Salt Lake City from January to April and am unsure if I can get away with wearing the black/denim combo or if I’ll need to continue with my blue button down work attire. If so, I’ll be sure to include work attire photos soon.

As I look back at the past few months I’m able to determine a few thoughts and opinions based on my experience:


Back to being pleased: As the semester progressed I found more and more situations where having a capsule wardrobe was an absolute pro and listed out a few for you here:

  • Packing for trips: I didn’t have to worry about what to bring, whether or not it would all fit, and what I could wear more than once on the trip.
  • Laundry: Since my selvedge denim is new, I haven’t washed it yet, (and probably wont for few months, and if you think that’s gross stay tuned for an upcoming post about the dark arts which is raw denim) I only had two piles of laundry: Whites and my black tall T’s mixed with workout gear, or my blue button downs.
  • Trends: This can definitely be argued, I get that. For myself, not having to worry about finding out what cut of jean Kanye was wearing, or what kind of graphic T Harry Styles wore, or simply where to find any of that stuff was unneeded distractions off my plate.
  • Branding: This might be a stretch, but by the end of the semester all my friends and classmates knew my wardrobe. Occasionally I would get sarcastic remarks like, “Oh wow you’re wearing a black shirt today”, but a few times I had people stop me and tell me their roommate (probably a classmate of mine) told them about my wardrobe and they thought it was the [insert adjective] thing ever. I guess thats cool right?
  • I think one of the best benefits was the last week of the semester when I began to pack up my room. Packing my clothes was the easiest part. I didn’t need to figure out what summer clothes I needed to store away, nor did I struggle to determine what winter wear from last year was appropriate, and so forth. I had my wardrobe, and the few jackets I wear with them. That was it. Simple.

White Nikes and Selvedge


Even though I’m full of praise for the Capsule Wardrobe, there were a few things that I noticed to be downers:

  • Standing Out: Do you ever put on a particular outfit and just think, “Dang, I look good today”? Yeah, it’s hard to do that when you’re used to seeing yourself in the same exact clothes everyday.
  • Explaining, Explaining, Explaining: I learned that once I began to develop a personal relationship further than the usual, surface conversation before class starts, I felt a need to explain why I wear the same outfit everyday. This got a little repetitive, and occasionally solicited an awkward, “Oh, okay that’s cool I guess…” kind of remark.
  • Clothing Fit: As I mentioned in Week 3, weight gain effected how my clothes fit. Unless I had picked baggy sweaters to wear everyday this could have been a significant problem.


At the beginning, I was sure that I would have people come up to me, asking if or why I wear the same outfit everyday.

I can’t say that happened once.

Because I was expecting this, I did a fair amount of explaining before people had the chance to ask. Looking back I wish I would have stood firm, and let them wonder.

Aside from that, I was a normal guy, going to class and work.

Big surprise.


Acknowledging the pros/cons, the quirks, and the comments from friends, I’ll be moving forward with my wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe helped to relieve unnecessary decision making, improved my efficiency on a daily basis (even if it wasn’t some monumental difference) and helped me to feel unique, while remaining consistent.

Bottom line: I wont say everyone would love a capsule wardrobe, but to anyone considering it: 10/10 recommend.

Gap 1969 Japanese selvedge denim
H&M black tall tees


Disclaimer: As I wrote this post I hope I didn’t give the impression that the purpose of my wardrobe is to “mess” with people or keep a tally mark of who notices.

The majority of my days the past four months went by rather plainly, and I only wanted to highlight the moments of recognition here.




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